Attitude. Full of it.

Building a cheeky and edgy benefits brand


A benefits brand that rewards you for being you.


The Brief


To come up with a brand for the company’s employee
benefits programme, that tied into its edgy and cheeky spirit.

Our Solution


We created Attitude, a brand and logo that ‘fills up’ with personality and
spirit so you can always see how much ‘Attitude’ you have.
It’s a constant reminder of the Company’s creative and progressive
ideals and encourages people to engage with the benefits that are most important to them.
The more you engage with the brand, the more company ‘Attitude’
you have and the more rewards you get.
The brand could be launched through washable graffiti murals outside of the office,
floor and wall decals, computer kiosks in reception where employees ‘Attitude’
could be analysed and a profile assigned to them, various stationery
items, desk drops and gifts.



• From this we evolved two further versions of the brand.

• One was for a week dedicated to creativity in the workplace.  
The brand evolved so that the logo was now overflowing with creativity.

• Creative workshops were put forward around the concepts of
inspiration, ideas generation and progressive

thinking where everyone was encouraged to think outside the box.

• The second evolution was for a possible company Fun Run event
to promote health and social camaraderie.

• The logo again evolved, and could be promoted through
T-shirts, posters and refuelling stations along the route.



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