• 4me

    Making your choices clearer


Making your choices clearer

An online tool to engage, educate and empower people at every stage of their pension journey.


The brief

To create a completely customisable online tool to help engage people with their long-term financial planning.

Our solution

As the engagement specialists, we worked in collaboration with Barnett Waddingham to build an interface which is easy and intuitive to navigate so the user journey is straightforward. It’s important to keep the platform simple to use when the content is often complex. 4me has been designed to provide a bespoke experience – with themed colours and imagery to highlight specific age-groups (18-30, 30-50 and 50+), we can ensure the user journey always feels personal.

The result

  • Take up from over 10 major companies
  • Over 20,000 users
  • Winner of best DC Technology Provider of the Year 2016
  • Online assets for over 50,000 employees

“The use of the 4me portal was felt to be particularly helpful as it enabled employees to see all of their pension benefits in one place, and how the changes might affect their particular circumstances. This was a challenging exercise in terms of complexity and sensitivity. The clarity of 4me was balanced by Barnett Waddingham’s approach and professionalism – particularly in face to face meetings with affected staff – both have been invaluable and have achieved the objectives of the exercise.”

Peter Hill, Finance & Board Secretary
Engineering Construction Industry Training Board