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employee engagement.

Let us explain….


A simple beat


The drum is one of the simplest forms of communication; it has been used across civilisations for thousands of years. But how can an instrument so humble inspire employees to engage with their workplace in a society full of complex choices? Let us cut through the noise…

 Building the anticipation…


Our aim is simple; to help you reach your engagement goals in a refreshingly straightforward way. No gimmicks – just common sense communication which is rolled out with creativity to capture the imagination – influencing employee behaviour towards those agreed objectives.

We listen


Whilst our approach is straightforward, we are mindful that every client is different. Therefore, we create a beat perfectly tailored to you. By applying our uniquely analytical approach, we take the time to listen to who you really are.
This honest and unpretentious way of working enables us to build up a realistic reflection of your workforce. This, coupled with our skills, research and industry experience, creates a perfect blend of truly tailored communication.

The beat goes on


Simply put, we firmly believe that success does not have a full stop. Therefore, we analyse the impact of every campaign so we can tailor any future communication to be as impactful as possible. These checks and balances ensure that we are able to provide results driven communication and push us to create aspirational engagement for your employees.



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