Designing immersive and engaging communications

A series of videos showcasing essential design techniques to resonate with and engage your audience.

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Accessible print design

Messages designed to reach everyone. Discover how we make sure printed communications are accessible for most people through using recognisable fonts, simple layouts, good colour contrast and clear signposting.


Is your finished communication the best it can be? Find out more about the final design process – refining layouts, preparing files for print or digital and those essential checks for accuracy and consistency.

Design thinking

Keeping people at the heart of every design decision. We’ll show you how the six stages of design thinking can unveil solutions that best fit a user’s needs.

Illustration techniques

Illustrations aren’t just images. We share our passion for visual storytelling and how we breathe life into ideas through design.

Guide to responsive design

How do we make sure websites are visually appealing on every device and screen size? We share our expertise in designing websites and interfaces that seamlessly adjust, directly affecting usability and user experience.


Delve into the art of organising letters and words to craft visually appealing, readable text. We show you how we choose fonts and arrange typefaces to create compelling and effective designs.

User interface (UI) design principles

Dive into the transformative world of user interface. Take a look at our key insights for creating a seamless digital experience through intuitive layouts, engaging interactions and user-friendly interfaces.

Visual harmony

Choosing the right images for a website isn’t just about aesthetics. Explore how we combine elements such as colour, typography and layout to create cohesive, balanced designs.

Exploring website accessibility

How can we create a more inclusive online experience for everyone? We highlight the importance of accessible design and share best practice for the use of alt text, colour contrast, font size and more.

White space

So much more than a blank canvas… Discover the power of white space and how we use it to enhance clarity, focus and visual appeal.