Managing 1:1 sessions

How to save time and reduce admin

Intro – the task

With the recent rise in the number of clients looking to organise 1:1 sessions, we’ve been exploring the best way to do this and manage the process. The DrumRoll team help create and oversee all member-facing communications, so we’ve been looking at how we can streamline the process to save you time and, ultimately, money.

Drumroll managing one-to-one sessions

Key aims:

Managing the admin of 1:1 sessions can be messy and time consuming. Looking after multiple emails, queries about availability, gathering information about participants, and updating spreadsheets can take up a large chunk of your time. We will:

The solution

We streamline the whole process using Microsoft Teams, or your preferred webinar provider. We manage everything; from initial invitation email, right through to completion. We can:

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The result

You have more time and less admin.

Microsoft Teams, and most other webinar platforms, automates and streamlines the sign-up process and allows us to collate and manage everything in one place. The immediate and automatic responses mean people get timely replies and instant confirmation when booking slots.

Also, by managing the process centrally we can ensure that all your sessions are properly resourced, so you don’t find yourself double booked or with gaps where you’re trying to cover sessions.

All of this reduces the amount of admin required and frees up more of your time.

“In conjunction with Barnett Waddingham the team ran the 1:1’s with all active members in a professional and informative way. We wanted to reassure our members and keep them informed about the proposed changes while broadening the scope to general financial or tax advice, which is harder than it sounds. The team managed this delicate balance very well and we received positive feedback from all involved.”