More than a workshop

Developing ways to support your people getting ready to retire

The brief

Our client, an international banking group, wanted to increase pension awareness among their 55+ age group. Keen to work collaboratively with a creative team, they wanted to develop a workshop pilot project which would really engage this group in a fresh and informative way. A successful result for the pilot would result in roll-out for all offices across the UK.

Key aims:

Analyse and Consult

We carried out a detailed analysis of the 55+ age group and retirement support already in place to find out:


We used the survey results to build the pilot strategy around:


As part of our process we surveyed the people who attended the pilot session to check:

More than a workshop


Each key objective was met and positive feedback received from all attendees as well as the HR team.

As a result the company agreed to a nationwide rollout plan.

“It’s been really refreshing to work collaboratively with the DrumRoll team on this At Retirement project. For me, the chance to sit down with them and think creatively about how to provide our members with the information and tools they need in a way that is truly accessible has been great.”

“As an overview to get people thinking in the right way, I think it was perfect”

“Very informative”

“I would definitely recommend this to my colleagues”